Nintendo Mobile App Miitomo Shutting down Later This Year

It's time for the Miis to move out.

Nintendo originally launched the Miitomo mobile app two years back, adding new ways to communicate and play with friends. While it received generally positive feedback, the company has announced that they will be terminating the service on May 9 at 4 PM JST / 2 AM ET. Similarly, they will also stop selling the in-game currency, Miitomo coins, on Jan. 25. Fans still have the chance to use the app and unlock daily login bonuses until then, and Nintendo will also refund those who bought any unused coins.

The mobile app was actually Nintendo’s first step into the world of smartphones, making use of Miis and acting as the company’s own quirky little version of a social media network. The game would constantly urge players into answering questions about their daily activities and hobbies in an effort to learn more about their friends.

Those who still want to try Miitomo before it shuts down can download it on Google Play or the iOS App Store.


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