Michael Scott Visits the Citadel in This Mass Effect & Office Crossover

Michael Scott would never back down from the challenge of meeting aliens.

Michael Scott Visits the Citadel in This Mass Effect & Office Crossover Image Source: eli_handle_b.wav

If you were excited about visiting the Citadel as Shepard in Mass Effect, imagine how the world’s best (worst?) boss, Michael Scott, might take it. The good news is you don’t have to imagine it, as someone has kindly crafted that exact scenario using clips from The Office alongside Mass Effect gameplay.

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This mashup comes from YouTuber eli_handle_b.wav and gives us plenty of scenes of Michael Scott blending perfectly with the world of Mass Effect. From the whole “SWAG: Stuff We All Get” joke to him chastising Ashley Williams for her racism, his placement is just about seamless.

Michael Scott even shares his idea for how to settle things between Jack and Miranda when things get tense: a cage match. As he puts it, “yeah, they work. How could they not work? If they didn’t work, everybody would still be in the cage.” Maybe this is the de-escalation strategy that Commander Shepard should have attempted, and it only took just now for it to be so obvious.

Things all come to a head when Michael is confronted by the Starchild/The Catalyst and told to make a decision. Instead, Michael Scott chooses to scold the kid with a bit of corporal punishment. This is just Michael doing what any player would do (though some might opt to use a mod that reduces the Starchild’s appearances instead).

While it doesn’t show up this time, it did feel like he wouldn’t also choose to punch that reporter. However, it’s completely possible, in light of this, that Michael Scott might take the Renegade choice.

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