Madden 22 Franchise Trailer Deep Dives Into Its Important New Features

Madden 22

Madden 22 is making a lot of changes to its Franchise Mode this year, adding in plenty of new features fans will surely be excited to try out. To properly get everyone ready, EA Sports Madden NFL posted an official all-access deep dive for the mode on their YouTube account earlier today.

In the video below, new implementations like Staff and Staff Points, Weekly Strategy, Dynamic Gameday, Franchise Hub, and much more are broken down.

Some notable changes depicted in the new Madden 22 video include scouting and player trends that will adjust as the season goes on. This will be a much more in-depth system for uncovering details about prospects, including how they’ve moved up or down the draft board.

Weekly Strategies is also another interesting addition in Madden 22, as it’ll give players that week to week experience of what it feels like to manage an NFL team. With this feature, you’ll need to overcome obstacles as a head coach, mimicking the sport’s dynamic environment while offering you the chance to overcome challenges in numerous ways.

This idea also carries over into the season engine for the game, as you’ll have 35 different scenarios that your team or player need to overcome throughout the course of a season. As you complete more of them, the difficulty will increase, leading to greater rewards.

In the comments, EA Sports Madden NFL also explained that they’ll be doing a Gridiron Notes blog with more new details around Madden 22’s Franchise Hub, Tuning, Season Engine, Talent Trees, Staff Management, Weekly Strategy, and more this Friday on the channel.

If you’re still dying for some more Madden 22 information, be sure to check out all of the news we have for it on our site. That even includes articles breaking down the significant changes we already know about for the game.

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