Joker to Spring into Super Smash Bros. With Ver. 3.0

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has taken all comers. From plumbers to electric rodents, squid kids to toothy plants, the series has never been bigger thanks to the motto: “Everyone is here!” While we’ve yet to learn the identity of the next DLC character, we now know that Joker is stealing his way into Smash very, very soon.

According to the Nintendo Direct, Joker will release alongside the Super Smash Bros Ver 3.0 update, which should be sometime before April.

While the direct didn’t reveal much, apparently Joker will charge into battle with a dagger, which is unusual since most characters with edged weapons use bona fide swords. Regrettably, that was the end of the Ver 3.0 teaser, so players who want to know about the update’s features, as well as how Joker will use his Persona in battle, will have to wait for the release of the Phantom Thief.

On the bright side, the direct also gave audiences a sneak peak of several new amiibo due out later this year, including Snake, Simon, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Pokemon Trainer. No word yet on any Richter amiibo, though.

As the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver 3.0 and Joker approach, we will continue to listen and relay any more news.

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