James Gunn Acknowledges Two Big Twitter DC Fan Campaigns
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James Gunn Officially Responds to Two Big Twitter DC Fan Campaigns

James Gunn chiming in is a pretty big deal for both of these campaigns.

If you’re a DC fan who uses Twitter, you are probably very aware of two big DC campaigns that have been going on since #ReleasetheSnyderCut worked. The first is #SaveLegendsofTomorrow and centers around the CW Arrowverse show that was canceled earlier this year. The other is #ReleasetheAyerCut which has fans sure that the final cut of the first take on Suicide Squad that we all know (and hate) was far from director David Ayer’s original vision.

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Well, there might be some proper movement in the right direction, as today a big name in the DCEU world spoke up about both. That’s right, co-chairman and co-CEO James Gunn took to Twitter to discuss both fan campaigns that he had seen everyone discussing.

Gunn’s tweet reads:

Opened up Twitter at the end of a long, creative weekend to see the many tweets to #SaveLegendsofTomorrow & #ReleaseTheAyerCut & fan support for other DC projects over the years. The majority of these requests were enthusiastic & respectful.

It’s never a bad sign when a big name in the industry (especially in the world of DC films) speaks up and acknowledges something fans want.

You can see the original tweet below.

While both campaigns have a chance at being properly answered within DC, in terms of being recent or topical, Legends of Tomorrow has a much better chance. That show got 7 seasons and was only canceled earlier this year, whereas it’s been six years since Suicide Squad landed with a dull thud.

For those who might not know what DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is all about, Netflix describes the series with the following synopsis:

A time-traveling rogue and a ragtag team of famous heroes and villains battle an immortal threat that could destroy not only Earth but all of time.

We will be sure to let you know if there are any more developments with either campaign.

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