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Here’s a Quick Glimpse of Beyond Good and Evil 2’s Gameplay


Here’s a Quick Glimpse of Beyond Good and Evil 2’s Gameplay

The much-anticipated Beyond Good and Evil 2 live stream landed today, but it was a bit more bare-bones than we hoped. It mostly consisted of lore drops that, while fun, don’t make for the most compelling of live streams. But, twenty-two minutes into the video, we finally got a short and sweet pre-alpha gameplay trailer. And a standalone gameplay trailer followed shortly after.

The trailer features the monkey and the girl who have become the faces of Beyond Good and Evil 2 as they beat up several sky pirates. At a glance, the combat appears to be basically what we got from the original Beyond Good and Evil, and that is a good thing. Players will be able to use a staff (or different kinds of staffs, one of which is just two katanas welded end-to-end Darth Maul style) to knock enemies upside the head. While the combat in the trailer doesn’t appear to include modern features like counters, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a long way off from being finished, which means we could easily see counters and other additions in the final product.

Combat isn’t the only feature on display in the trailer, though. Ubisoft is apparently proud of how fluidly the characters in Beyond Good and Evil 2 can switch between walking on the ground and flying around with jetpacks and spaceships. These high-flying modes of transportation will play a huge part in exploration and combat, and players will have access to plenty of different ships and jetpack models, each presumably with its own stats. While the ships can be used in dogfights or bombing runs, players can also jump out of their ship to get the drop on enemy pirates standing on deck. Oh, and apparently players will be able to keep track of their friends during multiplayer, no matter where they are or how they’re traveling.

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