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Have You Ever Beaten All Soulsborne Games, Sekiro, & Elden Ring Without Taking a Single Hit? This Streamer Has

Talk to me only when you've beaten all FromSoft games without taking a hit.

The FromSoftware fan base is capable of some seriously insane and impressive feats. We’ve seen Lobos JR play Dark Souls blindfolded, we’ve seen him play the games with an electric guitar, and we’ve seen plenty of other challenge runs from other streamers, including level 1 runs, no deaths, and yes, no hits. However, streamer dinossindgeil has completed the ultimate no hit challenge: by beating Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring without taking a single hit.

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The rules are very simple: beat all games consecutively without taking a hit. If you get hit, you restart all games from the very beginning. It’s an insanely time-consuming challenge that has taken dino four months to get done, and he’s finally done it.

The challenge run ended just yesterday with his completion of Dark Souls III, where he deliberately took fall damage to give himself a damage boost with the Red Tearstone Ring, which allowed him to take down the Soul of Cinder a little quicker than you normally would.

Let it be known that while Elden Ring certainly does have the most challenging FromSoft bosses we’ve ever seen, the Soul of Cinder is no slouch either. This boss is a combination of multiple play styles, with so many patterns to memorize that the smallest slip-up could be devastating. You can check out the final stream session here.

Now, all we have to do is wait for FromSoft to release a new game, and dino can redo the challenge all over again…

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