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GTA Online Introduces the Community Series, New GTA Creator Update, & More This Week

GTA Online: adds the Community Series, GTA Creator Update, & more this week.

It’s Thursday, gamers, which means it’s time for some awesome free content in GTA Online’s newest weekly update. This week is all about introducing exciting series, including the all-new Community Series, a curated collection of Jobs made by the talented creators of the GTA Online community.

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Anyone who participates in the GTA Online Community Series will earn 2X GTA$ and RP all week. There’s also six new Deathmatches to try out in the update, all of which were made within the update Creator. You can check out all of the content coming in the update down below.

gta online
  • Double GTA$ and RP on the all-new Community Series, a collection of community-made Jobs which will cycle in and out periodically
  • GTA$200K bonus for completing any 3 Community Series Jobs
  • Updated Deathmatch Creator and Deathmatch Creator Tutorial featuring new customization and modification options
  • Six new Deathmatch modes, all made using the updated Deathmatch Creator: Big Shot, Speed Kills, Hot Swap, Dead Head, Sumo Crush, and Friendly Fire
  • Triple GTA$ and RP on Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series
  • eCola has won the Sprunk vs. eCola Showdown: all players will receive the eCola Parachute Bag, Jacket, and Cap, plus a GTA$300K bonus for everyone who played GTA Online during the showdown
  • This week in Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom: A Classic Garnet Red Dinka Veto Modern equipped with the eCola livery, Classic Red Vapid Peyote Gasser complete with the Blacktop Burner livery, Annis Hellion painted Pearlescent Torino Red and wrapped in the Nightmare livery, a Metallic Bright Green version of the Weeny Issi Sport in a White Stripes livery, and The Obey Omnis in a tasteful shade of Matte Green and the Classic Rally livery
  • On display at the Luxury Autos Showroom: The Benefactor SM722 in Classic Garnet Red and decked out in the Speed Livery and a Classic Green Pegassi Tezeract wrapped in the Sprunk Livery
  • GTA$250K bonus for completing a Special Cargo Sale
  • Plus, another GTA$250K bonus for completing 3 Special Cargo Sales
  • 50% off sourced cargo from Lupe
  • On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
    • Hao’s Premium Test Ride: The Principe Deveste Eight
    • This week’s Hao’s Special Works Time Trial takes place between Del Perro Beach and Murietta Heights
  • Lucky Wheel Top Prize: The Pegassi Tempesta
  • LS Car Meet Prize Ride: a red Maxwell Vagrant for winning a Street Race four days in a row
  • LS Car Meet Test Rides: TheOcelot Ardent, Pfister Comet SR, and Annis Savestra
  • Free Sprunk and eCola branded Liveries, Red and Green Tints, Lighting and Color Schemes for Auto Shops and Galaxy Super Yachts, respectively.
  • 50% off Executive Offices
  • 40% off all Executive Office upgrades and modifications and Special Cargo Warehouses
  • Vehicle Discounts: 30% off the Pegassi Tezeract and Brute Armored Boxville, 40% off the Pfister Comet SR, Annis Savestra, Ocelot Ardent and Pfister Comet Retro Custom, 50% off the Maxwell Asbo and Weeny Issi Sport, and 75% off the Nagasaki BF400
  • Ongoing Monthly GTA+ Benefits: The new Declasse Vigero ZX complete with a Hao’s Special Works Performance Upgrade, two exclusive liveries for the muscle car, a free Vespucci Beach MC Clubhouse, free clothing and accessories, and more
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses: GTA Online players who successfully connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get GTA$125K just for playing anytime this week

GTA Online and its latest update, The Criminal Enterprises, is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re still on the lookout for more GTA Online-related content, be sure to check out our official interview with Franklin Clinton’s voice actor, Shawn Fonteno, where he talks about his work as Franklin, the character’s return to the game, and much more.

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