Grindstone Gets a Valentine’s Day Update With New Cupid Outfit & Gore Slider


When Apple Arcade got its official launch towards the end of 2019, we were basically overwhelmed with a deluge of really good, quality games. Among them was Grindstone, a fun match-type game that quickly became one of our favorite Apple Arcade offerings of the year.

Developed Capy Games has been relentless with the amount of support they have for the game as well, and the latest Valentine’s Day update is a pretty hefty one.

For starters, the main character Jorj is getting a Valentine’s Day-themed outfit that dresses him up as Cupid, and he even gets a bow and arrow to match. The arrows can cause enemies to drop health when killed, and can also help to clear out enemies faster in a level.

In addition to that, the update also introduces two key features: a gore slider, and mid-level saves and checkpoints. The gore slider lets you turn the violence up or down, depending on your own preferences, while the mid-level saves will make it easier for players to leave a game and come back to it at their own time.

Grindstone is now available exclusively on iOS devices through the Apple Arcade subscription service.

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