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Glow Pikmin Make Their Debut in Pikmin 4

A new trailer showcases many of the features coming to Pikmin 4.

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Pikmin 4. It showcases many of the new features we can expect in the game.

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One of the standout additions in Pikmin 4 is the introduction of a new character named Bochi. This charming companion has the ability to carry items with Pikmin, allowing players to overcome obstacles, act as flotation devices, and even engage in combat with enemies. Bochi’s versatility brings a refreshing dynamic to the gameplay, opening up a world of possibilities for strategic thinking.

The trailer also revealed exciting new elements that promise to enrich the Pikmin experience. Players will encounter rare treasures, such as the Game Boy Advance SP, which unlock previously unexplored areas.

Pikmin 4 introduces players to never-before-seen environments, offering glimpses of the inside of a house and underground caverns, expanding the series’ iconic landscapes. Within these new settings, players will encounter a variety of unusual contraptions, strange creatures, and rare treasures, providing endless surprises and challenges to overcome.

Additionally, the presence of castaways adds a compelling element to the gameplay, with Dandori battles enabling players to strategically issue commands to rescue these stranded characters. The more castaways saved, the more activities become available.

For the first time in the franchise’s history, players will be able to go on nighttime expeditions. As players navigate through the dark, enemies become more aggressive, raising the stakes and intensifying the gameplay experience. To assist in these dark environments, Glow Pikmin make their debut, illuminating paths and aiding in battles against enemy forces.

Pikmin 4 will release this summer on July 21. Additionally, there will be a demo available on June 28.

In addition to releasing Pikmin 4, Nintendo has remastered the first two Pikmin games. They are releasing digitally on the Nintendo eShop and are available to purchase today. Pikmin 3 Deluxe is already available on the Nintendo Switch.

You can watch the full trailer for Pikmin 4 that was shown during the Nintendo Direct below.

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