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Get a Feel for Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Mode in New Launch Trailer


Get a Feel for Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Mode in New Launch Trailer

Watch Dogs: Legion’s long-awaited online mode releases today for consoles and along with its launch, Ubisoft has released a new trailer that will give players a feel for its PvE co-operative combat.

The trailer shows off a variety of different scenarios that you and up to three buddies can tackle, including heist-like scenarios where you can use a variety of different experts to allow a mission to go smoothly.

There are masters of disguises and distractions such as a Janitor and Granny (yes the powerful Granny class), that can work in concert with other characters such as construction workers with access to hard-to-reach areas and assassin infiltators.

Watch Dogs: Legion, unlike other recent Ubisoft games (and even other Watch Dogs games) never takes itself too seriously, and the new Online Mode seems to be an extension of that philosophy.

If you’re a fan of Watch Dogs: Legion, and the thought of infusing an almost GTA Online-lite experience into the mix doesn’t scare you away, it could be worth a look. Let us know what you think down below in the comments if you jump in.

Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode is out today on consoles and is “coming soon” for PC players.

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