Forza Motorsport Takes to the Racetrack This October
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Forza Motorsport Takes to the Racetrack This October

Put the pedal to the metal for that first place finish.

Forza Motorsport has been one of the most consistent racing franchises since the Xbox 360. Not only does it give you the best graphics, but it gives plenty of variety, especially with the Forza Horizon series. While it’s less open-world, the Forza Motorsport line brings high-octane racing and lets players feel what it’s like to drive some powerful machines. The adrenaline still exists, even though they have ditched the number for this iteration. You can put the pedal fully down on Oct. 10 for Xbox Series X|S, PC, and it’s coming to Game Pass.

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The trailer gives a cockpit view of a modern Corvette, and it’s been stunningly recreated to maximize immersion. If you want some of the strongest racetrack experience in gaming, it looks like Forza Motorsport will be exactly where to find it.

Don’t worry if you also want to make these cars your own. The trailer reveals (for the Corvette, no less) body modifications. If you want a new hood or a different spoiler, you can always fix up a car before taking it into a race. Even a little tuning can mean the difference between first and second place.

Every race fan knows that no matter how good a car is, it will be overtaken eventually. However, the Forza games have always been good about car upgrades to let you take on stronger opponents. With enough money and upgrades, any car can eventually become on par with any supercar. It’s all about knowing what your car needs, and you can find out in October.

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