Fortnite Teases Another Rocket League Crossover With Mysterious Clip
Image Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Teases Another Rocket League Crossover With Mysterious Clip

Rocket League crossovers usually come with some awesome cosmetics.

With Fortnite and Rocket League both being Epic Games properties, there have been plenty of crossover events and themed cosmetics appearing in them both. While it’s been a little bit since the last event that brought the Octane car into a special map, there seems to be something new brewing.

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A new tweet from the official Fortnite account shares the message “from Champions Field to the Island” as well as tomorrow’s date. The small clip doesn’t give anything away other than a Rocket League car being teleported out of nowhere to a presently unknown location.

We have confirmation that this next season of Fortnite will be the start of chapter four rather than the fifth season of chapter three. Chapter 3 is officially the shortest yet, as chapter one was 10 seasons, and chapter two ran for eight.

Considering how close we are to the end of chapter three season four, it’s completely possible this Rocket League crossover could play into that. However, the fact that we are set to learn more tomorrow, according to the date in the tweet, slightly waters down those hopes, as it’s much too early to learn anything more about the Fracture finale event.

As we already know that we will learn more information about this tased Rocket League crossover tomorrow, be sure to come on back, and we will reveal whatever we find out. As with many of these, there’s a solid chance of some pretty cool (and free) cosmetics.

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