Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Is Going Beneath the Surface

All those earthquakes have definitely been leading somewhere.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Is Going Beneath the Surface Image Source: Epic Games

Between mines, caves, and bunkers, the various Fortnite islands have never been shy about letting players journey under the surface of the map. However, most combat in the build modes takes players higher off the ground, not into it. The new teaser for Chapter 4 Season 3 suggests the new season will focus more on what’s under your feet.

Season three is dubbed Fortnite WILDS, and is set to ditch the metropolitan and cherry blossom biome for an expansive jungle. It doesn’t appear this is a natural change, though, and a teaser trailer shared by the official Fortnite Twitter account today suggests that a pretty big earthquake is coming. The last month of season two has featured plenty of earthquakes across the map, which apparently lead to this big one.

While this looks pretty bad for everyone’s favorite named locations, the earthquakes in the current season have been focused mainly in the south of the map. We suspect this likely means the snow biome might end up largely untouched, and Brutal Bastion remains.

A massive cataclysm is usually how a Fortnite season ends, but this might be one of the most ambitious restructurings yet. It’s hard to tell how much of the map will be entirely broken apart or completely sunken. A temple-like area is shown in the distance in the teaser above, so either we rejoin the island after everyone has settled or things have been revealed from deep underneath the earth.

The last time a map had any Temple biome was in Chapter 3 Season 3, which introduced Indiana Jones. Fortnite already has skins for Lara Croft and Nathan Drake, but there might be some return of our favorite archaeologist(s). Be sure to stick around with us this Friday as we help you make the most of the new season’s offerings.

Eager players won’t have long to wait, as season three starts on June 9.

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