Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is Now Available to Pre-Order on Amazon

Get your gil ready.

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Following Final Fantasy XV’s release at the end of 2016, it received a hefty amount of bonus downloadable content. All of this, along with some additional content, has now been collected into one convenient package in the from of the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition. Releasing on March 6, you can now pre-order this new version of Square Enix’s open-world RPG from Amazon for $49.99.

All of the content that was available as part of the original game’s season pass is included in the Royal Edition. As well as new gear, car skins and item sets, this includes the additional story scenarios Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto and Episode Ignis, plus the multiplayer expansion known as Comrades.

Those who picked up the season pass for the original Final Fantasy XV still have a few extra goodies to look forward to in the Royal Edition. There will be an all-new dungeon, new bosses, new gear, as well as an expanded map that lets you explore the ruins of Insomnia City. A new first-person mode is also being introduced. Additionally, collecting all 13 royal arms in this version will let you unlock a new action-oriented mode for the armiger called armiger unleashed. And as an added bonus, you can also freely control the boat from the original game around Cape Caem and Altissia.

The Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition will be released on PS4 and Xbox One on March 6. PC players will be happy to know that Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be released on the same day, which will come with all of the additional content that is included in the Royal Edition.


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