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Final Fantasy VI Villain Kefka Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy VI Villain Kefka Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy

The mad clown joins the arcade roster

Kefka is the next villain to be added to the arcade Dissidia Final Fantasy game, following a reveal trailer from Square Enix Japan’s Youtube channel.

The trailer introduces the Final Fantasy VI villain clowning around the battlefield and taunting his enemies with slaps to his behind; later showing him casting catastrophic black magic and comically fixing the camera angle so it captures his entire face.

Some of the spells shown include a large wave of ice (similar to blizzaga) and a bundle of dark explosions set off like fireworks. Another spell – speculated to be his ultimate attack or limit break – drastically changed the battle area’s colourful environment to a bleak world that no doubt is a homage to the World of Ruin in Final Fantasy VI.

Kefka is the second villain to be included in the game, following the announcement of the original Final Fantasy’s Garland in April. The roster currently consists of a character from each mainline game bar Final Fantasy XV, including Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning and Zidane from Final Fantasy IX. More villains are expected to be revealed soon.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is the third game in the Final Fantasy fighter series and developed by Koei Studio’s Team Ninja. The game was first revealed in February last year at the Japan Amusement Expo trade show in Chiba, Japan. It is currently exclusive to arcade machines in Japan following its release late last year. Although Square Enix have confirmed that a PlayStation 4 port of the game will not likely be in the works until after the roster has been completely announced; there has been no news of a western localisation as well.

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