Ever Oasis Gets a Colorful New Trailer Introducing Its Story and Mechanics

Venture into the desert.

ever oasis

Nintendo’s got quite a few things coming down the pipeline for 3DS, including a brand new IP called Ever Oasis. The colorful new game tasks you with creating your very own oasis town, and using it to further explore the desert. A new trailer released by Nintendo today shows off some of the Ever Oasis’ basic mechanics, as well as the story setup.

Ever Oasis takes place in a world that used to be nothing but harsh sand and sun. Beings known as Seedlings created lush Oasis for inhabitants to live in. However, another entity known as Chaos ravaged the land and turned monsters feral. Now your character enters, as a Seedling who along with the help of a water spirit creates a special Oasis to combat the forces of Chaos.

In Ever Oasis you’ll take control of your Oasis, building and managing local shops. New residents will flock to your town as you expand, of course, you’ll also need to defend it from the forces of Chaos. While not managing your Oasis, you’ll also need to trek out into the desert, fighting enemies and solving puzzles to explore even farther. Take a look at the full trailer down below.

Ever Oasis is set to release on June 23, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.


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