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EVE Online’s July Update Brings the Next Phase of Project Discovery, and More

EVE Online, july update

EVE Online’s July Update Brings the Next Phase of Project Discovery, and More

New content for your space adventures.

Popular MMO title EVE Online has received its July update today and the patch notes are now available for all to see.

Posted over on the official community forums, the patch notes detail a number of fixes, balance improvements, graphical updates, and general gameplay improvements. Most notably, the update also brings proper exoplanet research as part of EVE Online’s Project Discovery, an overhaul of the Strategic Cruiser ship class, and other improved ship models.

EVE Online’s Project Discovery doesn’t just reward players with in-game items for exoplanet discoveries and research in a virtual space, though. Instead, Project Discovery actually allows EVE Online players to help analyze data relating to real-life exoplanets. Last year, the first phase of Project Discovery took place, with players categorizing millions of proteins for Human Protein Atlas through a simple mini-game. And who says video games aren’t productive, eh?

You can check out the full patch notes for the popular space MMO’s July update here.

EVE Online is available on PC and Mac. You can signup and try out the game for free here.

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