Discord Reassures Users that There Are No Plans for NFT & Cryptocurrency Integration For Now


Earlier this week, Discord founder Jason Citron posted a screenshot of the Discord interface, revealing app integrations with Metamask and WalletConnect, strongly hinting that the platform could introduced NFT support in the near future. This resulted in a ton of backlash from users, who mostly still believe that NFTs are scam (which, fair, most of them are) and that cryptocurrencies are just a cesspool of scam coins and part of a ponzi scheme (which, fair, there are tons of meme coins, but crypto has also evolved way beyond that).

Following public backlash, Citron has since posted another tweet stating that the platform currently has no plans for any NFT or Web3 integration.

The company continues to be committed to protecting its users from scams, spam, and fraud before they can even consider that jump to Web3 and the crypto world in general. It’s worth noting that more and more gaming publishers are starting to express an interest in NFTs, including EA, Square Enix, and Ubisoft.

Crypto is still very much in its infancy, and while it has been making strides in terms of spotlight in the mainstream media, it’s still far away from its goal of mass adoption. It remains to be seen whether the NFT marketplace will finally find its footing in the gaming industry.

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Zhiqing Wan

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