Destiny 2 Is Apparently Going to Be Bigger Than Destiny With All its Expansions Installed

That's a big game.

Destiny 2 got its big reveal today via a hilarious trailer full of inspiration, huge battles, and the promise of “a ton of loot,” from the mouth of Cayde-6 himself. While there aren’t too many details about the game out in the wild just yet, information will be trickling out over the next days, weeks, and months leading up to Destiny 2’s September release date. One interesting piece of information that is available today concerns the game’s size. To be more specific, its install size.

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If you go onto GameStop’s website and look up the next installment of Bungie’s shared-world shooter, you can scroll down to find some fine print under ‘Important Information.’ The fine print states:

“Minimum 68 GB available hard drive storage space required as of September 2017. Storage requirements subject to increase. After September 2017, visit for current requirements prior to purchase.”

Right now, it’s stating the same install size for all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, and PC). 68 GB is a lot of data, which is substantially more space than the first entry needs even with all of the expansions installed. Destiny 1 takes up 54.11 GB on PS4 with all necessary updates and DLCs. The fact that it’s sequel will require 14 more gigabytes (just over 25% more) out of the box is interesting. Just for comparison, here are the install sizes for a few other large games (all sizes taken from PS4):

  • GTA V – 63.77 GB
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda – 45.11 GB
  • Final Fantasy XV – 56.12 GB
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – 40.88 GB

Of course, the extra space doesn’t necessarily translate to a “bigger” game than the titles above, but it certainly has us wondering just what Bungie may be cramming onto the disc. What do you make of the large install size? Let us know your thoughts and whether or not you’re hype for Destiny 2 in the comments below.

Safe travels, Guardians.


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