Dead Silence Field Upgrade in CoD MW2

Modern Warfare 2’s Dead Silence Field Upgrade Is Apparently Pretty Damn Loud

Dead Silence isn't actually as silent as players think it is in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is making headlines in the community amidst the multiplayer beta coming to a conclusion in the next few days. A late-night discovery from players has pointed out that the game’s Dead Silence Field Upgrade is not as silent as the name implies.

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The newest iteration of Dead Silence has seen a pretty massive change. In MW2, players pull out a device to trigger the Field Upgrade, but, as shown in the above video, the device emits a loud beeping noise. Opposing players with good headsets or incredible hearing can easily pick up that cue to discover your location upon triggering Dead Silence. However, that’s not the only change to Dead Silence.

Further testing has shown that Dead Silence isn’t 100 percent silent. When passing through objects like glass and grass, your footsteps make reduced audio but are not completely silent. It’s also been shown that players with Dead Silence will emit a glow on their character model.

2019’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare introduced Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade. Fans were upset since this change came at the cost of a dedicated perk to reduce footsteps, such as Ninja for the game’s competitive modes, such as Search and Destroy. With MW2, developer Infinity Ward seems to be taking it one step further, with the above videos showcasing how much the Field Upgrade has changed in three years.

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