Dead Cells Is Now Coming To Consoles

The promising action platformer is now on its way to consoles.

dead cells

The popular 2D action platformer Dead Cells has been confirmed for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

In an announcement from the game’s developer Motion Twin, it was revealed the full release of the game is now headed to consoles alongside the PC version. While a firm release date hasn’t yet been given, Motion Twin says they hope to release the console versions of the game as close to the PC version’s release as possible.

Available to play through Steam’s Early Access since May 10, 2017, Dead Cells puts players in the role of a reanimated corpse fighting their way through increasingly challenging dungeons with an array of powers and weapons. Applauded for its rogue-like elements as well as its polished take on classic 2D action platforming styles from titles like Metroid and Castlevania, the game has already sold over 600,000 copies via Steam and GOG.

Dead Cells is currently slated for release in 2018. For our thoughts on the game, check out our feature from the game’s early access launch covering what makes the title so special.

[Source: Polygon]

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