David Jaffe’s Studio Cancels Game and Lays off Devs

Things aren's sounding good for the Drawn to Death studio.

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Yesterday brought the news that God of War IV would launch on April 20, but it was followed by some considerably less exciting news for the studio run by the God of War series creator. David Jaffe’s The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency has had to lay off most of its staff after the cancelation of one of its games.

“Wanted y’all 2 hear [sic] it from me before anyone else: we’ve had a project canceled and have been forced 2 lay [sic] off the vast majority of the Bartlet Jones staff gaming division,” tweeted Jaffe yesterday. “More news 2 come [sic] but for now, that’s what’s up. Heart’s
breaking 4 the [sic] amazingly talented crew that’s out of work.”

Jaffe directed 2005’s God of War and its 2007 sequel while working for Sony Santa Monica. He then formed his own studio, Eat Sleep Play, which saw Jaffe return to Twisted Metal, another major franchise he created while at Sony. After leaving Eat Sleep Play in 2012 over “creative differences,” Jaffe started The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency in 2014. Bartlet Jones released Drawn to Death in April 2017, but the game was panned by critics.

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