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CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Details Tacticals, Lethals, Field Upgrades & Perks

Breaking down the first bit of information on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's class customization!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer beta will be in full swing very soon, and with the beta comes a ton of new features for fans of the juggernaut FPS to check out. Modern Warfare II’s customization is going to be more in-depth than ever before, especially in regards to tools players will use to get the upper hand on their foes.

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In typical Call of Duty fashion, there will be plenty of Tactical and Lethal Equipment as well as Field Upgrades and Perks that will lead you to victory. Some of Modern Warfare II’s equipment are familiar faces from the past, while there are plenty of new items to test out during the beta.


  • Shock Stick – A tactical piece of equipment with multiple uses, depending on the environment, is the Shock Stick, which adheres to surfaces before sending out a burst of electricity that harms foes, destroys equipment, and causes vehicles to go haywire. But what happens when you throw it into the water? Try it and find out!


  • Drill Charge – Foes entrenched inside a building can be a real problem to neutralize. Previously you could throw in a Flashbang, then charge in blasting. A Drill Charge changes all that — lob this onto the outside of a building and it starts to bore a hole (any enemies close by will hear it and see a grenade indicator). Once the drill is through, it launches a grenade that inflicts splash damage that flushes foes out (or rips into vehicles if placed on one).

Field Upgrades

  • DDoS – A DDoS attack lets you know if there’s equipment or vehicles in your visual vicinity, deactivates them temporarily, and disrupts enemy sensors in the immediate area. When your foes are scrambled, try lobbing a Drill Charge at a stalled vehicle to force the enemy out. Just one of the various and interesting ways you can combine your or your squad’s equipment
  • Inflatable Decoy – Everybody needs a synthetic polymer dummy that rapidly inflates after throwing, appears to be an enemy combatant, and acts as a proximity mine when activated again. It can also be left to fool foes into thinking there’s an enemy where the Decoy was dropped. The possibilities for subterfuge and violent confusion are immense. Also, be sure to help Infinity Ward name this helpful plastic fellow. His current, unofficial name is “Al.”
  • Perk Package – This consists of four Perks — two base, plus two more known as a “Bonus” and “Ultimate.” All are earned during a Multiplayer match, usually at the 4- and 8-minute mark in non-round-based modes. Kills, assists, objective and tactical plays can unlock these more quickly. Edit your Perk Package in your Loadout or utilize the several premade Default Perk Packages; preplanning a match is now more tactical than ever!

Be sure to stick with us as we’ll be brining plenty of Modern Warfare 2 content. For now, take a look at the beta schedule to get an idea of when you can load in!

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