Champion-Themed Event & More Galar Trainers Coming to Pokemon Masters EX

Team up with Champions and Meet Galar's best.

Happy Pokemon Day to everyone who celebrates. This year, as a part of the annual celebration of everything Pokemon, a new event and some new sync pairs are coming to Pokemon Masters EX. The event is focused on the 3.5-year anniversary and the new sync pairs feature some of the best trainers in the Galar region.

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The new event doesn’t have a set name but features champion sync pairs from six different regions. The champions included are Cynthia with Garchomp, Lance with Dragonite, Alder with Volcarona, Iris with Hydreigon, Diantha with Mega Gardevoir, and Steven with Metagross.

The other announcement from today featured Galar region Neo Champions. This means Leon and Charizard are making their return, but there are also three more Galarian sync pairs coming to the game, each with their own Galarian form legendary bird.

Hop is dressed up like his big brother, Leon, and is paired with the Fighting/Flying Galarian Zapdos. Beded is dressed up in an outfit reminiscent of his mentor, Opal, and is paired with the Psychic/Flying Galarian Articuno. Marnie wraps things up wearing a pink and black dress that matches the color scheme of her partner Pokemon, the Dark/Flying Galarian Moltres.

On top of that, until Mar. 18, players can simply sign in 10 different days to receive a daily 10-pair ticket scout for free. That means you’ll be able to do 100 scouts as long as you sign in 10 times between now and Mar. 18. On top of that, players who log in between now and Mar. 27 will receive 3000 free gems.

Pokemon Masters EX is a free-to-play game available on Android via the Play Store and iOS via the App Store.

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