Castle Morihisa Is a Dark Fantasy Deck-Building Rogue-like Steeped in Japanese Folklore

castle morihisa

Deck-building RPGs and rogue-like games are making a big comeback in the games industry, and that trend is continuing with the release of Castle Morihisa, developed by Smokingbear Studio. The art style looks very striking, complete with a moody color palette to suit its ambience.

You can check out the trailer down below:

Players will be able to choose from four classes: monk, samurai, ninja, and onmyoji, all packed with different skills and abilities that will affect how your runs play out. Here’s a brief overview of the game and its core mechanics:

“After general Tokugawa of the shogunate issued the “Laws for the Military Houses” to his vassals, none of the emissaries sent to the Ishikawas in Castle Morihisa have returned. Rumors claim that Lord Ishikawa Shinjuku was attempting to usurp the throne, and that he closed off all roads to the castle a few days prior. The great metsuke Yagyū Munenori requires a spy to make their way to Castle Morihisa to learn the truth of what is going on.

Four distinctive classes – the Monk, Samurai, Onmyoji and Ninja, each with their exclusive set of deck. With more than 300 different cards, you will be able to build your own deck based on the class you have chosen to challenge those bizarre monsters from the Japanese folklores.”

Castle Morihisa is set to be released for Switch and PC on Feb. 10.

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