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You Can Now Buy Gigantamax Meowth and Pikachu Plushies

gigantamax meowth plushie, pikachu

You Can Now Buy Gigantamax Meowth and Pikachu Plushies

Gigantamaxing is a new feature in the world of Pokemon that was introduced in Sword and Shield last year that makes Pokemon turn into a giant/altered form of themselves. Meowth has a Gigantamax form in the game and so does Pikachu, and now you can have them in real life, in the form of an adorable and huge plushie.

Pokemon Center Japan, a place where you can literally purchase anything you can think of involving Pokemon, has announced two new plush dolls for Meowth and Pikachu and you can pre-order them now.

The Gigantamax Meowth doll weighs 3.05kg, is 165 cm tall, and can be purchased for 33,000 yen, which equates to about $309 USD. The Pikachu plush weighs 4.36kg, stands at 80cm tall, and costs 44,000 yen –about $412 USD.

Both Pokemon plush dolls are expected to ship sometime in October of 2020 and you can check out some images of the dolls down below:

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