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Bungie Wins A Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against A Destiny 2 Cheat Site


If you’ve kept up to date with Bungie’s court issues over the past few months, then you probably know that Bungie has been in an ongoing lawsuit against a Destiny 2 cheat site known as AimJunkies. In this ongoing case, Bungie has sued the website due to them selling an abundance of cheats to players over the last couple of years.

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As of Feb. 21, 2023, it finally seems as though the lawsuit is coming to an end, with Bungie, unsurprisingly, coming out on top.

Cheats in Destiny 2 have always been around, but it never got so bad that you would play against a cheater every other match. That said, cheaters became extremely relevant during Season of the Worthy, released a couple of years ago, when the famous and competitive game mode, Trials of Osiris, returned to the game. This is when we saw the rise of cheaters in the game, and AimJunkies was at the heart of the issue.

Unfortunately, one would usually think this would be the end of the ongoing court issues for Bungie, but AimJunkies is just one of many cheat sites Bungie has issued a lawsuit against. That said, AimJunkies was one of the largest cheat sites known, so it was a massive success for Bungie to get rid of the cheats from the site and earn a little cash back for the damage the cheats have caused.

Now it’s simply a matter of waiting and seeing what Bungie will put their new-found reward towards. Perhaps more cosmetics and loot in future seasons? One can only hope!

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