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Blumhouse’s Next Peacock Original Is a Slasher About a Pandemic Lake House Vacation Gone Wrong

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Image Source: Blumhouse via Twinfinite

Blumhouse’s Next Peacock Original Is a Slasher About a Pandemic Lake House Vacation Gone Wrong

A pandemic won’t stop this killer.

Almost three years to the date since the start of the global pandemic, the entertainment industry seems to have found its footing as new pandemic-inspired films are popping up like wildfire. Fresh off the heels of the debut trailer for Deon Taylor’s FEAR, Sick is looking to reignite the fear of weekend getaways during the peak of the pandemic.

Following one of the horror genre’s familiar tropes, Sick stars a young group of friends looking to get away from the pandemic in April 2020. Parker and her best friend, Miri, head to the family bakehouse to quarantine alone from the rest of the world – or at least they think they’re alone.

What proceeds to take place is a fight for survival with a few COVID-themed twists. Sick will hit the streaming platform Peacock on Jan. 13, 2022.

Behind the film, Sick features a talented roster of directors and writers, with John Hyams (Alone) as the director, while Kevin Williamson serves as the writer, known for his time with Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. The film will star Gideon Adlon (The Craft: Legacy), Bethlehem Million (And Just Like That), Marc Menchaca (Ozark), and Jane Adams (Twin Peaks).

For those interested in the pandemic thriller, Sick debuted at the Fantastic Fest in Sept. 2022, garnering positive feedback from critics. Needless to say, fans and horror hopefuls won’t have much longer to wait until the pandemic slasher hits the Peacock streaming service later next week.

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