Blizzard Reveals the Top 32 Most Skilled Countries for the Overwatch World Cup

Did your country make it to the top?
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A while back, Blizzard posted on the official Overwatch site that they’d be calculating the average skill ratings of all the countries playing Overwatch. Once the top 32 countries were decided, they would then be tasked with putting together their own national teams, which would go on to compete in the BlizzCon Overwatch World Cup 2017. Blizzard has just collated a list of the top 32 countries, and here they are, along with their respective competitive skill ratings:

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1. China 4550
2. South Korea 4522
3. United States 4470
4. Sweden 4309
5. Finland 4295
6. United Kingdom 4293
7. Canada 4291
8. France 4268
9. Denmark 4259
10. Russia 4221
11. Germany 4219
12. Japan 4184
13. Australia 4184
14. Taipei 4162
15. Netherlands 4147
16. Hong Kong 4113
17. Norway 4101
18. Poland 4093
19. Brazil 4071
20. Italy 4068
21. Spain 4051
22. Israel 4007
23. Singapore 4002
24. Thailand 3999
25. Argentina 3992
26. Turkey 3960
27. Belgium 3942
28. Vietnam 3941
29. Portugal 3930
30. New Zealand 3922
31. Austria 3900
32. Romania 3861

The next step for these countries would be to put their national teams together, and take part in the qualifier matches. The top two finishing teams will automatically qualify for the World Cup finals at BlizzCon this year. Did your country make it into the list? Let us know in the comments down below.

Overwatch is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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