Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Gets a Gameplay Trailer & Release Date

Becoming an Avatar... literally.

Ubisoft Forward revealed a pair of brand new trailers, as well as the release date for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. The game will see players occupy the position of the Na’vi as their world, Pandora, once again comes under attack from humans looking to exploit it.

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James Cameron, the filmmaker behind Avatar and its sequel, The Way of Water, explained that it was part of his “vision” to “immerse people in this world” in ways outside of cinema.

With that in mind, Ubisoft Massive and Lightstorm have developed an open world original story. It’s a game that Cameron stated will “co-exist” with the stories of the films.

Ditte Deenfeldt, the Game Director at Ubisoft Massive, explained that the game will see players explore new areas of Pandora on land and in the air.

It’s a first-person, open-world title and, barring any delays, will drop on December 7, 2023. As far as the story goes, the RDA have expanded their operations in Pandora, kidnapping young Na’vi people to teach them in the way of humans.

Interrupted by battle, players are put into cryo-sleep and awaken some 15 years later, emerging into an unfamiliar world. From there, players must reconnect with the Na’vi world and take on the sinister and domineering RDA.

As we saw with Jake Sully in the first Avatar film, players will need to learn to ride, fly and survive in Pandora. There’s multiple Na’vi clans to explore, all of which will feed into players’ fight against the RDA.

Players must cease the “ravaging” of Pandora by combining Na’vi and human combat tactics to take down RDA operations which are polluting and destroying the delicate flora and fauna of the distant planet. Defending the planet successfully lets players improve their resources and skills, ensuring they’re better placed to progress in the story. Another game overview trailer was shared, giving players a look of life in Pandora. You can check out this game overview below.

It was earmarked for next generation consoles – meaning PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. There was no mention of previous generation consoles. Deenfeldt also confirmed that the game can be enjoyed entirely single-player, or in coop mode with a friend.

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