Assassin’s Creed Origins Is Getting a New Game Plus Mode

You asked for it. Ubisoft is giving it to you.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins is a huge game, and even if you’ve somehow managed to do everything there is to do in the open-world adventure and still want another challenge, Ubisoft has something in the works for you. The developer is bringing a new game plus mode to Origins.

“New Game + is coming. We’ll have more information to share soon,” wrote Ubisoft Community Manager Dominik Voigt on Reddit yesterday.

It’s a feature fans have been clamoring for online for some time but one Ubisoft has never before included in any of the franchise’s many games. Ubisoft previously said it was looking into whether or not it could create such a mode for Origins.

“We know that a large number of community members have requested a New Game+ feature,” reads a post to the game’s official website from December 2017. We are currently investigating the possibility of implementing this option in a future title update.”

When that title update will arrive is unknown at this time, but Assassin’s Creed fans already have last week’s The Hidden Ones DLC to play for now with The Curse of the Pharaohs set to follow on March 6.

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