Annapurna Gives The Mind-Bending Puzzler Maquette A Release Date

Annapurna Interactive has revealed the release date for its upcoming puzzle-platformer, Maquette. The game will be making its debut on March 2 for PS4, PS5, and Steam.

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The announcement was made with a new trailer that you can see below.

The announcement trailer focused on the small, yet powerful cast that explores and visualizes the world of Maquette. The male protagonist played by Seth Gabel, relives his memories in the colorful, toy-like world. Seth has been seen in numerous TV series’ like Salem and Genius.

Most of his memories revolve around the female character portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard, who has starred in the lead role in the recent Jurassic World films. Maquette will be the first foray into the games space for both actors.

Maquette is a puzzling world inspired by styles of M.C. Escher. The world is full of perspective altering obstacles, and recursive themes. The puzzles themselves overlay a poignant, yet optimistic story of life, love, and heartbreak as the player pages their way through the memories of the protagonist.

Annapurna had previously announced the platforms for Maquette back in July of last year with no release date. More recently the independent publisher has released The Pathless to critical and fan acclaim. It also recently announced Stray, a Cyberpunk story about a detective cat on a mechanical planet.

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