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Alright, Let’s Move Out! Valve Officially Announces Counter-Strike 2

Image Source: Valve Corporation

Alright, Let’s Move Out! Valve Officially Announces Counter-Strike 2

Russian Vodka enjoyers coming back to CSGO.

Valve Corporation has just announced the long-awaited sequel to their iconic first-person shooter game CS:GO. With the unveiling of Counter Strike 2, the gaming industry and Esports enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement, eager to learn what the next generation of competitive gaming has in store.


After over 20 years of history, Counter-Strike 2 is introducing a new look for its maps. The changes include touchstone maps that retain their classic foundations, upgraded maps with new Source 2 lighting and physically-based rendering, and fully rebuilt overhauls using all of the Source 2 tools and rendering features. Community map makers can also leverage these tools to build, experiment and iterate on their own maps. These improvements will offer players a fresh experience while still allowing them to bring their honed strategies from previous versions of Counter-Strike.


Counter-Strike 2’s new game engine introduces a revolutionary update to the classic smoke grenades, which have become an essential component of successful team tactics. With this update, smoke grenades now produce dynamic, volumetric 3D objects that fill the space naturally and interact with the environment in fascinating ways. Not only do all players see identical smoke regardless of their position, but they can also witness unique reactions during gun plays. This revolutionized gameplay provides more tactical opportunities than ever before as players can shape their cover with bullets or grenades effectively.


Counter-Strike 2 introduces sub-tick updates for more precise actions between ticks, eliminating the issue of missing your shot due to time lapses. The game evaluates moving and shooting with complete accuracy so that server can calculate your exact actions in real-time, resulting in an immersive user experience.

So….What About Our Skins in CS:GO?

In a recent announcement, Valve has confirmed that all skins and cosmetics from CS:GO will be carried over to the upcoming Counter-Strike 2. They’ll also benefit from the new Source 2 lighting and materials.

Valve added that in addition to supporting legacy models and finishes, all stock weapons have been upgraded with high-resolution models, and some weapon finishes take advantage of these new models.

The announcement of Counter Strike 2 comes after years of speculation and anticipation from the gaming community. As one of the most popular esports titles worldwide, the original CS:GO has amassed a dedicated fanbase and a thriving competitive scene. Valve’s commitment to enhancing the player experience and pushing the boundaries of the genre is evident in their ambitious vision for Counter Strike.

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