343 to Reduce Halo Infinite’s Cosmetic Prices Starting this Week

halo infinite

While Halo Infinite certainly burst onto the scene as one of the most enjoyable open-world games of 2021, and marked a return to form for the series, it hasn’t launched without its fair share of flaws. Most notably, players have criticized the game for its high shop prices, especially for cosmetic items and other microtransactions.

In response to these complaints, 343 Industries’ Head of Design Jerry Hook has taken to Twitter to announce that the company plans on reducing those prices on Jan. 18.

According to Hook, the shop experience will now vary week to week, with bundles that give players more bang for their buck, as well as the ability to buy more individual items so you don’t have to commit to a bundle, and all this will be done at lower prices too. Hook also mentions the possibility of allowing players to earn in-game currency by playing, and allowing players to potentially purchase items that way too.

Halo Infinite is now available on Xbox and PC.

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