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Marvel Snap’s New Patch Finally Makes Dagger Playable; Titles Now Obtainable in Collector’s Reserves

New Marvel Snap finally gives Dagger a much-needed buff.

Second Dinner has just dropped a surprise patch for Marvel Snap, and while this one doesn’t completely shake up the meta like the past couple of patches have done, it does bring with it some nifty changes.

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The headlining feature here is the addition of titles. Players who have reached Collector’s Reserves in the collection track (CL 1,000 and above) will now have a chance to unlock new titles, which can be displayed on their profiles during matchmaking. As always, these are purely cosmetic, and the titles you get seem to be completely random.

There are a couple of card balance changes for Wolfsbane and Dagger as well. Both of them will now take unrevealed cards into consideration when calculating their power gains, which is huge especially for Dagger. Her ability lets her gain +2 Power for each enemy card in a lane she moves to, and by letting her count unrevealed cards, she becomes much more useful in the movement archetype.

In addition to that, Daredevil has officially been added to the Pool 3 collection track, so players who missed out on his season pass will have a chance of getting him through the Reserves too.

There are several other minor changes included in this patch, which you can check out below:

General Updates

  • Character logos have been added to Avatars within the Avatar Selection Menu to more easily understand who each avatar represents.
  • Boosters earned after a match will now favor cards with less than 20 owned Boosters.
  • [PC] Ability to resize gameplay window with default to 60FPS.

Art & Visual Effects

  • Foil and Prism Card Mods have been improved! The background art for cards with Foil and Prism Mods should now be more visible.
  • Card Upgrade sequence has been sped up and added the ability to “skip” mid-way through.
  • Lots of additional visual polish and updates to the game user interface, buttons, game board, and more!!
  • Updated card visual effect for Magik to reflect her recent ability adjustment.
  • [PC] Added click and hover states for many buttons that did not have them.


– New Location Sounds for:

  • Attilan
  • Muir Island
  • Nidavellir
  • Sewer System 
  • The Nexus 
  • The Peak
  • Tinkerer’s Workshop

Marvel Snap is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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