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Marvel Snap’s New Machineworld Location Opens Up Lots of Trolling Possibilities

Marvel Snap has a new Featured Location called Machineworld. Here are the details.

Every week, Second Dinner introduces a new location in Marvel Snap to help mix things up. This week, the new Featured Location is Machineworld, and the location effect is as follows: When you play a card here, add a copy to your opponent’s hand.

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Unlike Bar Sinister, which fills the entire location with the card you played there, this location is much less intrusive. However, it does create some interesting deck possibilities that revolve around your opponent’s hand size.

Right off the bat, some initial ideas that come to mind are something like Squirrel Girl or Angel in a Death-focused deck. These aren’t particularly powerful cards, but by playing them there, you’re forcing them into your opponent’s hand, and if they reach the maximum hand size of seven, they’ll be forced to play Squirrel Girl and Angel if they want to continue drawing from their own deck.

This doesn’t just disrupt their draws, but also forces them to clog up their own board space. On the flipside, if you’re running a Death deck, you can always clear your side of the board with a Killmonger, though you’ll want to do so before they actually drop their Squirrel Girl and Angel.

Alternatively, Machineworld could also work in tandem with Subterranea, which is one of the most hated locations in Marvel Snap. Playing rocks in Machineworld will fill your opponent’s hand with dead draws, which is always a plus. It seems like this location could lend itself well to Ronan decks as well. While Ronan is pretty lackluster right now, a deck that focuses on maxing out your opponent’s hand size could work wonders.

Featured Locations have a 40% chance of showing up in your matches, and Machineworld will be the Featured Location for the next 48 hours.

Marvel Snap is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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