Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Beat Calamity Ganon (Final Boss)

Calamity Ganon – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has quite a few bosses for players to overcome as they explore, each of which has their own threats and mechanics for you to figure out. However, none are as imposing as the game’s final boss, Calamity Ganon. This beast has two forms, each of which happens to have their own attacks and full health bars.

Before you head on out to face this powerful foe, you should gather as much power as you can. Complete the dungeons to gain the power of the Divine Beasts (having all four will help out a ton with the first form, but we’ll get to that), obtain the Master Sword (which does extra damage to calamity enemies), and rack up on Stamina and Heart Containers. You can, of course, go straight to the final boss but we don’t recommend that unless you’re highly skilled.

Once you’re ready, it’s time to head to Hyrule Castle where Calamity Ganon awaits you. Once you reach the room where the boss is, it will hatch from the ceiling revealing the first form for you to defeat – Scourge of Hyrule Castle, Calamity Gannon. In this form, the malevolent spirit will have fused with the ancient technology used to create the Guardians and Divine Beasts you’ve already seen in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As such, it will use laser beams, huge, glowing weapons, and other familiar attacks to lay waste to Link.

If you happened to collect all of the Divine Beasts, they will each fire at the boss immediately at the start, taking off half of its health bar, which makes your job a lot easier. If you just rushed ahead, then you won’t have that luxury. Now, this form isn’t too difficult to deal with. Calamity Ganon has one really large sword in its right hand, and a laser blaster in its left, as well as tons of weapons in its smaller arms. You also need to watch out for the tail which tries to grab Link. Keep to the bosses left side (your right) to avoid the huge flaming sword and deal damage directly to the head. When you see a blue circle appear below the boss, get out of there. It’s an area of effect attack that can deal massive damage and stun you, which you don’t want to happen. Just keep dodging and working your way in to get attacks. You can even parry all attacks from Calamity Ganon, even those with the big sword, if you’re skilled enough, which will grant you even more opportunities to attack. Sometimes, the boss will move onto the walls and circle around you quickly. Just stay focused and switch to your bow for these moments, as Ice and Bomb Arrows are useful. Whenever Ganon Locks onto you with the laser, make sure to hold your shield up because there’s nothing to hide behind. Continue on until you bring the health down to around 20% which is when the second phase of this first form occurs.

In Calamity Ganon’s second phase, the boss becomes completely covered in fire, gains a lot of speed, and will attack more aggressively. It will leave plenty of fire on the ground, and take to the walls more often, where it will throw a powerful spear at you. The same general rules apply, but note that Ganon does more damage in this form, so keep on your guard. Food or Elixirs that increase defense are very useful here. Continue the fight until all the health is gone. It’s time for the second, true form.

Ganon will escape through a hole in the ceiling, the same hole that dropped you into the fight. Don’t worry though, Zelda’s power will transfer you to Hyrule Field where the final encounter awaits against Hatred and Malice Incarnate, Dark Beast Ganon – a huge, horned beast that is the spirit’s true form. You’ll be on horseback for this one and Zelda will give you the Bow of Light, a powerful, infinite bow.

All you have to do is ride around avoiding the powerful beam that shoots out. When you see a yellow weak spot appear, fire at it with the bow, it’s the only way to damage the boss. That’s essentially the entire fight. Avoid the front of Ganon, as its laser only fires directly ahead, and shoot the yellow weak points that appear. The final target will be right above the boss’ head, a huge glowing eye of malice. Firing at it will defeat Ganon and free Zelda so she can seal the evil away. That’s it, you’ve beaten the boss. You are once again a hero.

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