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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 2: Important Things You Missed & Secrets Explained

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 2 is full of hidden plot points along with clues you might have missed, read now to find out more.

Part of the two-hour premiere, Yellowstone season 5 episode 2 continues to showcase the struggles of the Dutton family. Things are only getting started and audiences are now witnessing the escalation of the season’s major plot points. To keep the momentum of the show going, this season will have to take things to a whole new level while still leaving room for more. Here are some secrets and little hints you may have missed in Yellowsstone season 5 episode 2.

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The Future of Market Equities is All-In or Nothing

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As audiences briefly saw in episode 1 of this season, the CEO of Market Equities, Caroline Warner, is infuriated by John Dutton’s decision to cancel the lease for the new airport which causes the CEO to call someone to join her team. Sarah Atwood is the name of the woman that’s summoned and judging by her demeanor and the way she deals with the man who escorts her into the Market Equities building, she’s poised to become an intense rival for Beth Dutton. This short interaction is profound in the way it immediately shows how similar Sarah is to Beth in the way she mentally overpowers the man in the scene.

There finally seems to be another businesswoman on Beth’s level and this can develop into the most suspenseful and riveting intellectual and psychological battle of the series. Especially since Caroline’s hatred for Beth has been bubbling over because of what Beth did last season. We also can’t forget how Market Equities has recognized a weakness in the Dutton family via Jamie. It’s still unclear what their exact method will be when targeting him, but one has to wonder; will Sarah Atwood try to seduce Jamie and lure him completely over to Market Equities’ side? One thing’s for sure, the climax to the feud between Market Equities and the Dutton family won’t be pretty.

Angel Blue Thunder is About To Bring the Storm

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There’s trouble brewing for Chairman Rainwater too. Ever since he reestablished contact with Angela Blue Water back in season 3, she’s been mysteriously absent from season 4, but now her resurgence in this first episode signals she’s going to be a key player this season. As another clue, Rainwater declared he wouldn’t resort to killing John but would take back land legally. This is Angela livid and it’s become obvious that she’s planning to do something drastic if Rainwater doesn’t gain the land back this season.

The Ballad of Kayce, Monica, and Tate

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No matter how far removed from the Dutton family they try to be, Kayce and Monica can’t seem to find peace, and that can mean only one thing; Kayce and Monica must accept their role in the Dutton ranch because their fates are tied to it. With this in mind, Kayce might end up having to separate from Monica or he might end up losing her in a complicated way. This is also reflected in the dialogue between Kayce and his son Tate, when Tate asks if Kayce is going to try and have another baby again, and then follows with asking if his mom will recover from this. Kayce is caught off-guard by both questions, and his hesitance already signals that he’s not sure if they’re going to make it through this ordeal.

This all ties into Kayce’s vision at the end of season 4 when he revealed how he saw the end of him and Monica, and when Monica confronts about him about it again, she asks if their son’s loss was what he saw. He replies that he didn’t, and after she asks what will end them, he replies that he’ll never choose that. A bold and noble declaration indeed, but this still implies that what might end Kayce and Monica will be outside of Kayce’s choice, making him powerless against it.

A New Nightmare Begins With Ryan, Colby, and Wolves

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Ryan and Colby are ordered to hunt down and kill any wolves in the Yellowstone ranch area, and they reluctantly obey, and later in the middle of the night, they use night vision to shoot the wolves as they feed on the dead cow in the field. Tragically, the wolves they kill belong to Yellowstone national park and have electronic geotag devices around their necks as collars.

This foreboding act of murder will now cost them more than they could have ever imagined, and might metaphorically warn audiences that the members of the Dutton ranch are wolves themselves, but at the mercy of things, they never see coming. The whole situation is profound since the wolves are simply living on instinct, feeding and trying to survive, much in the same way the Duttons are.

John Dutton’s Flashback and Future

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After the tragic wolf murder scene, audiences are presented with a flashback from John’s past when confronts contractors who are building a cell phone tower on a part of his land. John exclaims how the chemicals of the contractors are killing everything nearby and the contractor says it’s not his fault and they’re using EPA-approved chemicals. It appears that John is actually moved by the destruction of nature, almost as much as he cares about his pride for his ranch.

With his usual methods, John and his boys are unafraid of getting their hands dirty through the use of brute force and illegal acts of violence to scare the contractor away. In a manner of poetic justice, they expose the contractor to a large amount of the poison he was using to make the message loud and clear. This parallels John’s new strategy to put his ranch into a conservation easement protecting it forever from being destroyed, hopefully. It’s now the single driving force to his entire existence; to keep land development away from his ranch at any cost.

This two-hour premiere is the start of what could be the most epic season of the show yet, and hopefully our list of little secrets from Yellowstone season 5 episode 2 have provided some clarity. It seems like forever since Yellowstone season 4 aired, and many are wondering what’s in store for the future of the show. Be sure to stay connected to Twinfinite to find out more and if you’re watching the other Yellowstone series, read about how Elsa Dutton might be linked to the modern-day Yellowstone series.

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