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Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1: Clues & Hidden Plot Points You Might Have Missed


Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1: Clues & Hidden Plot Points You Might Have Missed

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 is full of hidden plot points along with clues you might have missed, read now to find out more.

The wait is finally over and Yellowstone Season 5 is here, bringing with it a plethora of new challenges for the Dutton family ranch while uncovering old wounds, along with new surprises for everyone. Being the first episode, writers must strike a perfect balance between setting up enough intriguing plot points for the audience but also keeping even more saved for later. After watching, here are all the little clues and plot points you might’ve missed in Yellowstone Season 5 episode 1.

John Dutton, the Governor of Montana

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Now that John Dutton is the official governor, things are about to get off the chain. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want it and is not too fond of all his newfound responsibilities. He’s making it clear that he only wants to protect his ranch, but as ex-governor Lynelle Perry tries to explain to John how important his new role is, John might be starting to realize he’s going to have to “play the game” .

Lynelle explains that if John wants lasting protection, he’s going to need to begin doing favors for others to change laws to future-proof the protection of his land. As a result, John might actually start doing some good for others since he now has the chance to help the people of Montana and prevent outsiders from taking advantage of them.

Chairman Rainwater and the Native Americans

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Chairman Rainwater only makes a subtle appearance in the first episode, but as the original rival of John Dutton, he’s still here to stay. He mentions in his scene that what John Dutton is doing is good for the land but bad for the Native American casino Rainwater wants to build. Throughout the series, Rainwater seems to be changing his thoughts about John, it’s as if he’s beginning to understand and befriend John. This might be the season where Rainwater makes a pivotal decision about his relationship with John. 

Beth Dutton and Her Troubled Past

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During her nightmare flashback scene, Beth remembers how she acted out against Rip, attempted to manipulate him, and then after she wakes up, she admits to Rip that she’s cheated on him and apologizes for it. Fortunately, Rip loves her so much that he tells her how easy it is for him to disregard her past, and that she needs to regain a balance between her heart and mind.

This might seem like an innocent scene that reinforces Beth and Rip’s relationship, but what this is most likely foreshadowing is that Beth’s past is quickly catching up with her. There are past events that the audience is not aware of and that Beth has been repressing. Tragically, these memories that she has not been able to deal with will end up causing her more problems and trauma. The other important plot point that might be building up in the background is the lack of interaction between her and Carter, the young boy she was forced to adopt. The relationship between her, Carter, and Rip might soon prove to critically affect the Dutton family in ways they were never expecting.

Jamie Dutton Is a Shadow of a Man

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Always in John’s shadow, Jamie is now permanently blackmailed by Beth for murdering his biological father, and even though he seems content obeying the Duttons at the moment, he’s still simmering with feelings of resentment and selfish ambition. He and Beth have gone for each other’s throats on several occasions, but Jamie can only take so much, and will probably reach a breaking point soon, but this time it won’t be suicide that he chooses; he might do something drastic to Beth or John unless he somehow comes to terms with giving everything up for the Dutton family and the Yellowstone ranch.

The other element that will undoubtedly make or break him comes from Market Equities since they’ve noticed that he’s not showing any support for John’s new position as Montana’s governor. They’ll be going after him in some way shape or form, and this will once again put a major plot point on Jamie’s tired shoulders. Frequently being shown in dark shadows, Jamie’s character is reflected by his dual nature and darkening hope.

Rip’s Prophecy

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While watching the celebration for John’s governorship, Beth finds Rip on one of the hills overlooking the party. He explains to her that he never thinks about the future, but looking down at the party, he’s worried about what things will be like in 10 years. This may seem simple on the surface, but sub-textually, he’s implying if they make it that far, and even if they did, things will be so different, and they would have suffered so many consequences, that they might even be able to enjoy life with so much blood on their hands. Rip is forever anchored to the Yellowstone ranch and realizes that if it ever goes down, he’s going down with it.

Kayce and Monica’s End

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At the end of the episode, Kayce’s wife, Monica, is at home pregnant. Notice how Monica’s scenes have all been dark lately, the low light of the scene symbolizing how she’s struggling to keep light around her, instead surrounded by an inescapable darkness that’s slowly, but inevitably smothering her, which foreshadows how her situation might not end on a good note. She foolishly decides on driving to the hospital with her son, Tate, about to give birth, barely holding on, and ends up crashing into a buffalo and an oncoming truck driver. It appears that no matter what path Kayce and his family takes, trouble is always in the way.

Soon after, John Dutton discovers that Monica is in the hospital recovering from her car accident. Tate is okay but discloses that he lost his little brother, also named John. The name John carries enormous significance in the grand scheme of things and might be symbolic of John Dutton’s eventual demise because of Kayce and Monica.

Fans have been clamoring for as many details as possible about Yellowstone season 5 and time has passed since Yellowstone season 4. With this information, you’ll be able to enjoy the series on a deeper level and become more involved in the story of these complicated characters in Montana. 

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