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XCOM 2: How to Pass Time


XCOM 2: How to Pass Time

Pass Time – XCOM 2

XCOM 2 isn’t just a turn-based strategy game, there are a lot of management aspects at play with it, as well. You’ll be building facilities, training soldiers, and researching new technologies. All of these things will cost you supplies, intel, and time.

Measured in days, time is an important factor in XCOM 2. You’ll have a set limit sometimes to finish a mission or gather up supplies, and your research/building will only finish after a certain amount of hours pass. In order to waste it away, you simply have to hit the scanning icon at the HQ.


Hitting that will allow you to scan for Intel, utilizing whatever bonuses you might have, as well as pass the days. It’s the best way to get some supplies rolling in and finish up some research or facility building, as your income will kick in over time. Of course, more and more missions will pop up on your map that you can also do to spend time and gain resources other than just Intel, as well. Be on the lookout on your map in the Bridge for anything that says it’ll take days to complete and fly on over there.

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