Why Was Pewdiepie Banned From Twitch? Explained
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Why Was Pewdiepie Banned From Twitch? Explained

Why was Pewdiepie banned this time?

Twitch can be a confusing platform even for viewers. Their Terms of Service are invoked at odd times, and streamers (even big ones) are often temporarily banned. The latest recipient of the Twitch banhammer is Pewdiepie, and viewers are wondering why.

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Pewdiepie Twitch Ban Explanation

After a long hiatus, Pewdiepie’s Twitch channel was only recently reactivated in May as it began to stream marathons of his older video library. Not long into the marathon streams, the whole channel was inexplicably banned without any official reason. While that ban didn’t last long, it didn’t make the channel immune to further issues.

On July 17, 2023, Pewdiepie has once again been banned on Twitch. There hasn’t been a reason given at the time of writing, so it is unclear when/if the channel might return.

We’re also unlikely to hear any statement from Pewdiepie either, as his wife gave birth to their first child not long ago, on July 15.

All Times Pewdiepie Has Been Banned From Twitch

Despite being around since 2010, Pewdiepie has only been banned from Twitch twice. The first was in May 2023, at the start of his “Infinity” streams, for unconfirmed reasons. The second time is July 17, 2023, for also unknown grounds.

Biggest Streamer Twitch Bans

  • Phantoml0rd – July 2016 (Permanent ban for not disclosing that he owned CS: GO gambling site used while streaming)
  • Ice Poseidon – April 2017 (Permanent ban for live streaming airport gate and flight information, leading to a bomb threat)
  • Dr. Disrespect – June 2020 (Permanent ban for unknown reasons)
  • Destiny – March 2022 (Permanent ban for unknown reasons)
  • Adin Ross – Feb. 2023 (Permanent ban for not moderating hateful comments in chat)

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this when we know more about Pewdiepie’s ban from Twitch.

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