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Why Ted Lasso Was at the White House: The Crossover We Didn’t Know We Wanted

Ted Lasso and Ted Lasso logo on image of the White House from Unsplash
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Why Ted Lasso Was at the White House: The Crossover We Didn’t Know We Wanted

Diamond Dogs in DC is not what we expected.

Ted Lasso – the character and the TV show – has warmed the hearts of fans worldwide with uncompromising positivity and generosity in the face of adversity. For the first time in a while, fans are awaiting new episodes with Season 3 episodes debuting weekly on Apple TV+.

What we didn’t expect, however, was for a trip to the White House to bridge the gap between episode one and two. That’s exactly what’s happened though, with Jason Sudeikis and other members of the Ted Lasso cast pictured in the Oval Office with serving US President Joe Biden. But why were the cast of Ted Lasso at the White House?

Why Was the Cast of Ted Lasso at the White House?

On March 20, multiple members of the Ted Lasso cast, including Jason Sudeikis himself, were at the White House to promote mental health awareness.

This is a big theme of Ted Lasso itself, with Ted openly combatting and discussing his issues with anxiety with a therapist in Season Two. He also speaks about dealing with the suicide of his father and how it affected his family growing up.

Sudeikis was joined by other major cast members, including Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent), Hannah Waddingham (Rebecca Welton), Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard) and Toheeb Jimoh (Sam Obisanya).

The five co-stars were pictured with Joe and Jill Biden in a photograph shared by the official POTUS Twitter account.

Speaking to reporters alongside White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Sudeikis said: “No matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter who you voted for, we all probably – I assume we all know someone… that’s struggled, that’s felt isolated, that’s felt anxious, that’s felt alone.”

Despite Ted Lasso’s track record of crossovers with figures and brands that are iconic in the footballing world, even we didn’t foresee the appearance of AFC Richmond in the office of the President.

You can catch episode two of Ted Lasso Season 3 when it debuts on Apple TV+ on March 22. The remaining episodes of what is expected to be the final season will drop every Wednesday.

That’s everything we know about why the cast of Ted Lasso were at the White House. If anything else, it’s at least answered which Premier League side Joe Biden is behind.

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