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Why Does Daemon Want to Stay in Pentos in House of the Dragon? Answered


Why Does Daemon Want to Stay in Pentos in House of the Dragon? Answered

A guide that explains why Daemon Targaryen doesn’t to leave Pentos in House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon’s sixth episode jumps forward an entire decade, showing us drastic changes to the lives of the main cast, including Daemon Targaryen. He’s been living the good life in Pentos as of late, alongside his wife Laena Velaryon and their two children and one on the way. It’s understood Daemon and Laena have been away for several years, but why does Daemon want to stay in Pentos in House of the Dragon?

Why Daemon Is Staying in Pentos in House of the Dragon

Simply put: Daemon no longer wishes to participate in the politics of Westeros. It’s quite the change from the Daemon we saw at the start of House of the Dragon and practically mimics his brother’s feelings on politics as well.

Why go back? With dragons, Daemon, Laena, and their children are essentially free to travel the world (which they are), soaking up luxurious living every time they land in a Targaryen-aligned stronghold just as they do with the Prince of Pentos, Reggio. In fact, he’s ready to give him a castle and land.

Of course, that exchange comes with a cost: to fight when the time comes, and war is at their doorstep. Should Daemon accept that offer, he would have to defend Pentos with not only his dragon, but the other dragonriders as well.

Now you should fully understand why Daemon wants to stay in Pentos in House of the Dragon. It’s the equivalent of “living the quiet life,” away from the scheming and plotting. For more on House of the Dragon, learn why Larys had those prisoners’ tongues removed or why Criston hates Rhaenyra.

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