Who Is Katana Man in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Why Did Denji and Aki Kick Samurai Sword in the Balls? Chainsaw Man Scene, Explained

The Testicle Devil returns, to devastating results.

Sometimes in this existence, there are burning questions that plague humanity. Pressing matters such as, what is the meaning of life? Or, how did we come to be here? Other times, you just finished watching Chainsaw Man and straight up wanted to know why did Denji and Aki kick Samurai Sword in the balls? And that, my friends, is what we are here to discuss today.

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Following a thrilling final battle, Denji has at last bested the Katana Devil, revealing a hitherto unseen chainsaw in his leg to hack his rival in two. Much like Denji himself, however, Samurai Sword has impressive regenerative abilities, and eventually reforms his body into one piece.

Unable to kill him outright, Denji must settle for restraining him and waiting for the Public Safety team to take him into custody. Now, the man who killed Himeno and wounded Aki is defenceless in front of him, and Denji has some time to kill.

What Was Denji and Aki’s Contest in Chainsaw Man?

Once Aki has arrived on the scene, Denji proposes a contest: the pair are going to kick Samurai Sword in the balls as hard as they can, and whoever elicits the loudest scream wins the contest. For once, Aki relents to this nonsense, and the contest begins. It’s fun for almost all of the parties involved.

The reasons why Denji wanted to do this are quite straightforward; he is petty and immature, and has whipped out this callous technique in the past. He wants to exact a measure of revenge for Himeno’s demise, explaining that “there is one less hot chick in the world” as a result of Samurai Sword’s actions.

Aki is somewhat more complex, and he even admits that Himeno wouldn’t have wanted them to do this. That being said, he seemingly finds some catharsis in relenting, hoping that in some way, his former partner is watching down from heaven as he kicks a man in the testicles.

In some strange way, this contest shows just how far the friendship of Denji and Aki has progressed. They’ve gone from reluctant comrades to ball-kicking companions, and Aki is surely grateful that this time, he isn’t on the receiving end.

Now that you’ve got some insight into why Denji and Aki kick Samurai Sword in the balls, surely you’ll want to know more about him, thanks to guides like who is the Katana Man in Chainsaw Man or why his henchmen were falling to the floor during the Public Safety invasion. Please, please don’t tell us you only wanted to find out why the man was kicked in the nads. He deserves better than that.

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