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Why Did Daemon Kill His Wife in House of the Dragon? Answered

A guide that explains why Daemon killed his wife Rhea Royce in House of the Dragon.

Episode 5 of House of the Dragon shocked the audience with the death of Rhea Royce, Daemon’s so-called “bronze bitch” of a wife. It’s made clear from the very first episode that Daemon and Rhea weren’t very fond of one another. But was that reason enough? Why did Daemon kill his wife in House of the Dragon?

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Why Did Daemon Kill His Wife in House of the Dragon?

By killing his wife, Daemon Targaryen sets himself up as an inheritor of Runestone, among other reasons. Daemon has had a fall from grace since his brother, King Viserys I, renounced Daemon’s title as heir to the Iron Throne. He’s been trying to pull off various schemes to stay close to Viserys, to be in his good graces again.

Rhea Royce and Daemon never had children; Rhea even makes it a point to mention their marriage never being consummated. Without children to inherit Runestone, Daemon has a strong claim to it which not only gives Daemon an opening to be close to Viserys again but a new seat to replace Dragonstone.

Furthermore, Rhea Royce was one of the few roadblocks between Daemon and Rhaenyra being married. When Daemon suggested a marriage proposal, Viserys didn’t deny Daemon on the grounds of Rhaenyra being a child, but only that Daemon was already married. That very well could be the catalyst that led to Daemon murdering his wife.

There you have it: why Daemon killed his wife in House of the Dragon. By all accounts, Daemon is playing the game of thrones, unlike Viserys who isn’t handling being a king very well. For more on House of the Dragon, wonder no more about Laenor Velaryon’s sexuality or if Alicent is starting a war.

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