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Who Takes Genesis Away in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion? Answered

Who takes Genesis away in Crisis Core: FFVII Reunion?
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Who Takes Genesis Away in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion? Answered

Some rather important figure make a surprise cameo during the game’s conclusion.

Genesis Rhapsodos acts as the main antagonist of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII and wages a bitter rebellion against the Shinra Electric Power Corporation in his search for the elusive “Gift of the Goddess”. Zack and Genesis clash multiple times over the course of the game before he is finally defeated for good in his hometown of Banora, and Zack then leaves him under a Banora apple tree. He is then found by two mysterious SOLDIERs who take him away, and you’d be right in thinking these are characters worth knowing more about. Here’s everything we know about who takes Genesis away in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Who Were the SOLDIERS That Took Genesis In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion?

Genesis is taken away in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion by Weiss the Immaculate and Nero the Sable. The two brothers are best known as the antagonists of the FF VII spin-off game Dirge of Cerberus, but made a surprise comeback in Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Intergrade DLC.

Weiss and Nero both belong to Shinra’s Deepground faction, which is essentially the organization’s equivalent to a black-ops squad. Deepground fully embraces Shinra’s dark side by taking their experiments and genetic mutations to the next level. Genesis attracted Deepground’s attention due to his ability to copy his genes onto other humans and monsters, and this is what drives Nero and Weiss to take Genesis away. They even state that their plan is to make the former SOLDIER their brother.

As for when they carry out their plan, it occurs before and during Dirge of Cerberus in the original Final Fantasy VII continuity. Deepground uses Genesis’ cells to continue the work of Project G, and implements his genes into the elite Tsviet faction of Deepground to grant them special abilities and powers.

However, the Final Fantasy VII Remake continuity is heading in a very different direction from the original compilation, so at the time of writing this article it’s hard to say whether or not there will be a payoff to this scene. The DLC does set up that the two brothers will have a role to play in the story going forward though: Nero plays a significant role in the Intergrade DLC, while Weiss primarily acts as a secret boss in the same DLC. This means that their connection to Genesis could be explored, and one of the biggest mysteries of Final Fantasy VII could be more clearly resolved.

That’s everything we know about who takes Genesis away in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Check out our review of Crisis Core and our related articles below.

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