Who Dies in White Lotus Season 2? Theories Explained

Here are our theories on who dies in The White Lotus season 2.

Just like the first season, The White Lotus season 2 opens in medias res and reveals that there’s been a death at the luxury hotel. This time, however, there’s more than one casualty. Here are our theories on who dies in The White Lotus season 2.

How Many People Die in White Lotus Season 2?

Perhaps the biggest surprise here is that there isn’t just one death this season. In the opening scene, we see Daphne swimming in the ocean before a body surfaces, and Rocco is later seen telling his manager than multiple guests have drowned.

He’s unable to answer when asked exactly what the body count is, so it seems like we’ll be getting at least three deaths this season. He’d able to tell her straight up if one or two people had died, but his uncertainty leads us to believe there are at least three.

Who Dies in White Lotus Season 2?

It’s still far too early to tell who the victims will be, but we have some theories.

Greg is a huge candidate. He first showed up in the latter half of season 1, where we learned he had cancer. He has since gotten married to Tanya, but season 2’s premiere episode depicts him as a neglectful husband who ghosts his wife and takes secretive phone calls in the bathroom. He could very easily be the victim of a crime of passion.

One of the husbands: Ethan and Cameron. Very early on in the episode, we get some major foreshadowing as the concierge explains the story behind a statue in the couples’ rooms. The statue is the head of a man who had cheated on his wife, and Daphne claims that it’s basically a warning to all married men.

We also got that very dubious scene where Cameron seems to deliberately strip with Harper in the room, which could set up a potential affair between the two. At least one of these husbands is cheating, and at least one of them is dying. We’re calling it now.

That does it for our theories on who dies in The White Lotus season 2, and we’ll update this article as more info becomes available. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more news and information on the show, including a rundown of all Survivor cameos, and whether Sydney Sweeney will be in season 2.

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