The Tarnished in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.
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Where to Go After Shadow Keep in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

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As you journey through the world of Shadow of the Edtree you’ll come across the Shadow Keep. This area is filled with challenging creatures, but where should you go after emerging victorious in Shadow Keep in Shadow of the Erdtree?

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Where to Go After Shadow Keep in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

As you make your way through Shadow Keep, you’ll eventually come across Messmer the Impaler. This challenging boss uses fire magic and is accompanied by a snake, making facing it a dangerous prospect, but a necessary one if you want to see everything the game has to offer.

Once you’ve taken Messmer down, you’ll receive the kindling you need to burn the Scadutree, but getting there is a more complicated matter entirely. You’ll find the Scadutree in the west of the Shadow Realm, but you can’t take the direct route.

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Instead, you’ll need to head to the Ancient Ruins of Ruah in the southwest corner of the map. Once you fight your way through the ruins, you’ll reach the Church of the Bud.

At the church you’ll face Romina of the Bud. This tricky boss will hit you with fast combos and scarlet rot, so be prepared for a tricky fight.

From here, you’ll be able to set the sealing tree on fire, which opens the path to the end of the DLC. However, this acts as a point of no return. Once you’re in the new area, there’s no way back until you’ve cleared the ending.

Of course, this is Elden Ring, so this isn’t going to be a simple prospect. In fact, we recommend level 100 as the bare minimum before taking on the fresh challenges offered in the DLC. Expect plenty of challenging foes as you make your way to the Ancient Ruins of Ruah, and even more as you progress through them.

It’s also worth upgrading your Scadutree Blessing level by collecting Scadutree Fragments. As you’re approaching the end of the game, you’ll have access to most, if not all of the Scadutree Fragments, giving you significant boosts to both your offense and defense.

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