Where to Get Your First Gun in Dead Island 2
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Where to Get Your First Gun in Dead Island 2

The best option for ranged zombie slaying.

As with any zombie apocalypse, a gun is one of the most important weapons to acquire. They are good at taking down the undead at a distance; their high damage also helps deal with those tougher infected. However, where you might find one is the question. For those looking for some extra bang for their buck, here’s where to get your first gun and find other guns in Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2 First Gun Location

This will be a little bit into the Dead Island 2 story, and you won’t actually get a gun until after you have visited the fourth zone, Monarch Studios.

After the questline that involves finding Michael, you will be contacted by Sam B, who knows a house that’s full of guns. This will lead you back into Beverly Hills and into the mansion of some sort of famous hunter as part of the Justifiable Zombicide main quest. After getting into the mansion’s backyard, you will have to fight off a horde of zombies. This will also be your first encounter with a Screamer, so be sure to have decent Curveballs equipped.

After coming out victorious from that semi-boss fight, you will head back into a room with Sam B, where you will pick a gun off the wall.

Sporting Rifle First Gun
Image Source: Dambuster Studios via Twinfinite

It will always be this semi-auto Sporting Rifle, and plenty of ammo will be nearby to use when repelling another wave of zombies. It provides excellent damage, so there won’t be any problem dispatching every zombie quickly.

Where to Find Guns in Dead Island 2

Once you complete the Justifiable Zombicde quest, guns will enter the zombie apocalypse loot pool. Every loot source will now have a chance to drop you some kind of firearm. Guns also have a chance to show up among a trader’s wares. While guns will eat up ammo very quickly, you can buy blueprints from merchants to craft it yourself.

This should help you with all sorts of zombie slaying and is everything you need to know about where to get your first gun and find other guns in Dead Island 2. For more tips and tricks to help get through the mountain of zombies in front of you, check out the links below.

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